Sometimes I think back to when I was just a young, nice, respectable girl. As I think back I am also apologizing to my mother in my head profusely. Childhood was a great thing. We had summers off, we could have sleepovers with our besties, and we could have teeny-bopper crushes.

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When I was in 6th grade I got a hair cut, it was much shorter than I had planned and I came out looking like a Hanson brother. It could have been much worse I like to think.

Speaking of teenage crushes, I know many people had an obsession with this famous singer.

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Aaron Carter. Now some may ask, "Who?".

With hits starting in the 2000s, Aaron Carter was part of the Lizzy McQuire days, if that helps you go back down memory lane.

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Now all grown up, Carter has released news hits like this one in March of 2022.

Yes, Aaron's image has changed a bit over the years, but his talent is still one we remember. Carter will be joining our friends over at Bourbon for a concert on August 10th. There are still a few tickets left, so make sure to grab them this morning so you don't miss out on tonight's show!

Bourbon is home to live music, great food, and an abundance of drink options. With summer approaching, Bourbon will have its garage doors open for the perfect summer setting.

Check out Bourbon on Facebook, and Instagram, or head to their website to get all the latest live music updates.

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