Ja Rule's name will forever be attached to catastrophic failure that was the Fyre Festival in 2017. With two new documentaries currently bringing the debacle to the light once again, the Queens rapper is defending himself and having a little fun with those who want put the blame on him.

On Friday night (Feb. 1), Ja performed in New Jersey. During the show he took some time to address the controversy that surrounds the festival that promised an epic music showcase on a Bahamian island only to cancel at the very last minute. With his middle finger raised, Ja made light of the situation.

"Y'all might be a little mad at a nigga," he said, referring to the backlash from the documentaries.

Rule then gave people an outlet to get out their frustrations. "I'm here to say something," he added. "I want y'all to repeat after me. Get it out fucking system, 'cause we aint gon' do this shit for the rest of the year. Get y'all middle fingers up. Let me hear you say, 'Fuck you, Ja Rule.'"

The crowd obliged and the rapper repeated the chant a couple more times for effect.

Ja has been defending himself since the new documentaries Fyre Fraud and Fyre were released by Netflix and Hulu, respectively, in January. "I had an amazing vision to create a festival like NO OTHER!!! I would NEVER SCAM or FRAUD anyone what sense does that make??" he tweeted last month. He has also claimed Billy McFarland, the mastermind behind the festival who has been convicted of wire fraud in relation to the failed event, was paid for his appearance on the Hulu documentary.

Check out video of Ja Rule urging fans to cuss him out over Fyre Festival controversy below.

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