Almost every rapper tries their hand at Hollywood at some point in their career. Whether they want to diversify their portfolio, pursue other parts of their artistry or simply be an unforgettable cameo in a film, movies are the move for so many rap stars. In the immortal words of Dipset rhymer Hell Rell, “Movies don’t supercede albums?!”

For some artists, the answer to that hilarious query is no. Kanye West famously filmed a Larry David-esque HBO pilot that never saw the light of day. Jay-Z never took a movie role beyond his brief appearances in early 2000s Roc-A-Fella films like State Property. Ditto for J. Cole, Future and other rappers. Some artists are better served to join the likes of Jay-Z and Future as behind-the-scenes producers on films.

Hip-hop has several Oscar Award winners and nominees, but that doesn’t mean there’s a role for every artist. And there are some movies starring rappers that probably shouldn’t have seen the light of day. But even when a rapper gets a taste of the big screen and succeeds, the glitz and glamour alone isn’t enough to make them take every role offered. Will Smith, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Common and Queen Latifah are among Hollywood’s most accomplished actors period, not just rappers-turned-actors.

When producers are coming at certain artists with roles, they should know to come correct or not at all. There are many factors that could lead to an actor turning down a role, from the quality of the role to timing.

Check out this list of five rappers who turned down seven different movie roles, and take a look at who the roles went to.

See 7 Movie Roles That Rappers Turned Down

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