10 Hip-Hop Moments That Fooled You
There are always going to be false stories and jokes, so it's important to separate the real from the fake when it comes to the rap rumor mill. From Eminem to Lil Wayne to Chingy and more, here are 10 Hip-Hop Moments That Fooled You.
Tupac Shakur Prison Interview Released Un-Edited [Video]
Tupac sat down and talked candidly while he was locked up in Clinton Correctional Facility.  The interview has just been released un-edited and in it's complete entirety.  It's interesting to see where his head was right before he came out and released All Eyes On Me.  He wo…
Tupac Murder Files Released by the FBI
102  pages were released anyway, as opposed to the over 300 pages released about Biggie's death.  But my question is if the responsible part were found would it put a rest to this case for Tupac's fam?  Will it change our feelings about the murder?  What do you think?
Biggie’s Trial Is Given New Life
It has been almost 14 years since Notorious B.I.G was shot and killed. During the investigation there were murder suspects but no arrests. The former LAPD in charge of the investigation Russel Poole grew frustrated with Biggie's murder investigation and eventually retired. Now, after all thes…