A popular locally owned grocery store that has served Montanans for over 55 years has revealed a brand new logo. The next time you're at one of their Montana locations, you may notice a few changes. Here's everything you need to know about it.

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With the price of groceries and almost everything else increasing, Montana residents are turning to discount grocery stores to get more bang for their buck. Montanans also prefer supporting locally owned businesses. If you're in search of local food at fair prices, one of the best options in Montana is Town & Country Foods.

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T & C has 8 locations in Montana and has been the go-to grocery store for many Montanans for decades. The next time you stop in, you might notice a few things that are different.

Popular Montana Grocery Store Reveals New Logo

Town & Country Foods
Town & Country Foods

The Town & Country Foods Belgrade page on Facebook shared details about the changes and what customers should expect.

As you’re shopping around T&C, you might notice a few changes. For over 55 years, Town & Country Foods has been selling fresh, local food at fair prices. In the last 10 years, we evolved to be 100% employee-owned.


To celebrate this chapter we refreshed the look and feel of our brand. This refresh positions us for success as Montana communities continue to grow. You might notice the new logo, or changes to the signs, but the T&C you love and know is all the same. Our dedication to strengthen Montana communities, feed people, and grow careers still remains.


If you have any questions about this rebrand as you shop, feel free to ask a fellow T&C employee.

Town & Country Foods - New Logo
Town & Country Foods

Montanans have a lot of options when it comes to grocery stores. If you don't have a T&C near you, here is another great discount grocery store to check out in Montana.

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