If Bozeman is serious about trying to help the housing issue, this could be step one of that process. 

We beat tod death about how much it costs to live here in the Gallatin Valley area and the prices of apartments and housing in Bozeman. There is one affordable housing apartment complex being built in Belgrade. What about Bozeman? The problem is, there isn't a lot of space where the city could build affordable housing. Well, I might have found a spot in town that would be perfect. 

Follow me here, what if the city uses the old Kmart location off the corner of 7th Avenue and Oak Street to build an affordable apartment complex? The City of Bozeman would already have parking built-in, water, power and would essentially build just the complex. Plus, this complex would be very desirable, being close to Walmart for groceries and shopping, and several restaurants close in proximity. 

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

This idea almost seems too good to be true, but it can work. The City of Bozeman would have to buy the property and build out the complex. This site could easily fit a complex that could house at least two hundred apartments. This complex would solve housing issues for many of Bozeman's employees who work retail or service jobs. 

The City of Bozeman needs to start coming up with ideas to help the issues that plague citizens of our wonderful city, and I hope this helps. Who knows? Maybe this idea will become a realization, and that would be wonderful to see. 

A guy can dream, can't he? 

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