This might be the most relaxing way to get around Bozeman, and is certainly something I would like to try. 

Getting around Bozeman can be difficult with the high amounts of traffic during the summer. Locals have been figuring out different ways to get around Bozeman more efficiently and without spending gas money. 

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One of the more popular ways to get around Bozeman is the electric scooters, but people tend to leave them anywhere and everywhere, and it's become a nuisance to the city. So what's another way to get around Bozeman without causing problems for locals? I think a local man has cracked the code. 

I came across a TikTok video from Wiggly Wombats, and it shows a person here in Bozeman riding around in what might be the most relaxing way to get around the city. Check out the video below. 

@wigglywombatsI love living in bozeman♬ Twin Peaks Theme (Instrumental) - Angelo Badalamenti

Credit: Wiggly Wombats via TikTok

This man somehow put a beach chair on top of a One Wheel board and is cruising on the sidewalk with no worries. He must have nailed or screwed this chair into the One Wheel board to keep it stable. One nice part about One Wheel boards being completely electric powered is that you don't need to push off to get the board going. 

As much as I would love to have someone put together something like this for me, I think I am more a recliner on four wheels type of guy. One Wheel boards tend to be pricey, and I don't have that kind of extra cash. 

Either way, we salute this man and his creativity in finding a new way of getting around Bozeman. 

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