Are the gas prices putting a dent in your wallet recently? Well, there might be a solution to your problem. 

If you haven't noticed recently, gas prices have been absurd lately and have been getting under the skin of many Montanans and locals. Many Gallatin Valley residents drive large vehicles from trucks to SUVs to other gas-guzzling rides. The prices have been brutal, but what if there were different ways to get around Bozeman? 

I will preface this list by saying all these modes are only sustainable during the sunny, dry months in Bozeman. If you tried most of these alternative modes during the winter, you might get a little cold and probably won't get around as easy. 

So what are some alternate modes to getting around Bozeman? 

  • Streamline Bus-this is a free service available to all Gallatin Valley residents. Routes can take you from Belgrade to Bozeman, downtown, the Gallatin Valley Mall, and even Walmart. Plus, they even have late-night rides on the weekends for those who like to party. 
  • Bikes-with the weather becoming lovely, biking is a great way to get around Bozeman. Luckily, several shops have incredible bikes, from offroading to city bikes. Check out Bangtail Bikes to Second Wind Sports to others. 
  • Electric Scooters-these little fun joy rides will be out soon and in droves in Downtown Bozeman. Blink Rides and Bird Scooters are the providers of electric scooters in Bozeman. Just download either app to use the scooters. 
  • Skateboards-From one-wheel motorized skateboards to longboards, you can look stylish while traveling around Bozeman. Perfect for traveling short distances or enjoying a beautiful day in Montana, skateboards are great. World Boards or Second Wind Sports are the main places to get all different kinds of skateboards. 

So why not give your wallet a break and try a new way of getting around Bozeman? 

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