A hidden gem is usually something hard to find or reclusive. Plus, hidden gems are special to those who know their existence. The issue I have is, is this town still a hidden gem? 

Cheapism came out with a list of The Best Hidden Gem in Every State, and for Montana, it's a town that is very close to the Gallatin Valley. The best-hidden gem in Montana is the certified cowboy town, Livingston. 

Cheapism picked this town because this a place where creatives such as poets, singers, and celebrities flock, that is situated in several beautiful mountain ranges and is a fly fishing haven. Even singer John Mayer has a home right next to Livingston in Paradise Valley. 

Livingston Area Chamber via Facebook
Livingston Area Chamber via Facebook

Livingston is a place, luckily, that hasn't been overrun with big businesses and high rises but has kept its old west feel. Their downtown area is one of my favorites. Every bar has a small-town vibe, and everything is within walking distance. 

The past several years, however, Livingston has been getting more populated, and it's evident with their house prices on the rise. Livingston used to be a town where you could afford a house in the city or close to Paradise Valley. It has been getting recognition for being an awesome small town, but I don't think it's a hidden gem anymore. 

If you want to talk about hidden gems in Montana, there are many scattered throughout Montana. Ennis, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Corvallis, and countless others. Livingston is just a great place to go to and feel like you traveled back to the old days of Montana. 

If you want more details, check out Cheapism

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