Listen, would I like to retire in Montana? Absolutely. Would I want to live at the place Forbes is recommending? It's definitely a hard sell.

Forbes came out with a list of the Best Places to Retire in Each State and they not only chose a winner but a runner up as well. To be honest, both spots that they chose aren't really prized destinations where people think about retiring but the real estate market in both places are extremely affordable.

Forbes said that the best place to retire in Montana is Billings with the runner up being Great Falls.

The reasons why they chose each location were kind of general reasons. Billings cause they are the distribution center of Montana and a retail destination for many cities around Billings and for Great Falls they chose it because of the history of the town.

The thing is both places have unreal prices for real estate. They are some of the most affordable places in Montana to buy a house period. The thing is I would rather live in Great Falls than Billings. Great Falls has had a resurgence the past few years with new businesses and a downtown that is looking new and fresh.

Billings on the other hand would be a hard sell. The only reasons why I ever go to Billings is to either go shopping at Scheel's or for a concert to be honest. It has some qualities but I just can't see myself living there.

The thing is at least both of these places have spots where you can buy a house because at the rate Bozeman or the Gallatin Valley is going, you will have to be a multimillionaire to buy a house here soon.

Is there any place that you would want to retire in Montana? Cause I can think of a few other spots that should get considerations.

For more details, check out Forbes.

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