I will never understand why movies and television will make up town names and not use real places. It doesn't make any sense. 

If you don't remember, a few weeks ago, we did a story about how the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie is set in the fictional town of Green Hills, Montana, and how ridiculous that truly is. Well, I found another movie supposedly set in Montana but is a fake town, and this film is on Netflix right now! 

Netflix released a movie a few years ago called Polar that is based on an acclaimed graphic novel and is an action-packed thriller. The film stars Mads Mikkelsen, who you might recognize from Casino Royale or Marvel's Doctor Strange, as the main character. The movie mostly takes place in Montana where the main character plans to retire and that is in Montana, sort of. 

The majority of Polar spends time in a place called, Triple Oaks, Montana, and it's a quaint small town and looks like Montana. The only problem is Triple Oaks, Montana doesn't exist, and Polar filmed in Ontario, Canada. Does it look like Montana? Eh, maybe. If I would compare Triple Oaks to a place in Montana that's real, the town and area are very reminiscent of Red Lodge or Columbia Falls. 

Would I recommend the film? If you need to throw something on while you're doing chores around the house? Sure. It's a pretty generic action movie with some decent moments, but you don't need to pay attention. Mads Mikkelsen is incredible as the main character.

Check out Polar on Netflix today. 

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