Bozeman, Montana is a great place to live but the thing is the town is consistently growing and there many locals who are angry about it.

Well a YouTube channel called Through My Lens made a video called 13 Activities to do in Bozeman, Montana and it seems pretty harmless. Watch it below.

It definitely hits the highlights of Bozeman and the surrounding area(it did miss Hyalite, and some other fantastic restaurants).

The comment section is the really interesting bit. There are comments that recommend other places that he should check out the next time he comes back and then there is a turn to negative town.

The negative comments are about how this video is going to convince folks to move to Bozeman and we are already too full.

There are also comments on how Bozeman has turned into a trash place because of the rising costs of real estate(that's a real issue) and outside money bringing in big business(people just like to complain about everything).

You just have to love a video, that is talking about how lovely and some cool things to check out for tourists in Bozeman, is also an outlet for folks who think that this video is going to convince thousands of people to move here.

We all just need to calm down and enjoy this video and enjoy the beauty of Bozeman.

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