I am truly an addict of this culinary delicacy, especially on this particular day of the year.

Today is National Chicken Wing Day. Yes...it's true, this day is one I wait for all year to break any cycle of "clean eating" I have attempted, which to be honest (which is step one of the program), I haven't tried too many.

I got to thinking: which restaurant in Bozeman has the best chicken wings? There is a lot of thought that goes into determining this. Bone in or boneless, crispy or not crispy, saucy or dry rub—the list is endless, to be honest.

So here is what I have come to conclude, for myself:

Bone in or boneless?

Me, bone in. Yes, I know it's messy and not so lady-like (but neither is the 16 oz adult beverage I chug while washing it down). But the flavor is so much better. You get the marrow from the bone baked in to the wing adding extra zest. Not to mention, I consider boneless wings "adult chicken nuggets." Sorry, not sorry.

Crispy or not crispy?

Definitely crispy! Part of the enjoyment of a good wing is having that fried skin to indulge in. Again, I have never committed to "clean eating."

Saucy or dry rub?

The more sauce the better. If I am going to look like an animal eating these wings, I'm going to make sure I do it to the full effect. A side of blue cheese ranch with buffalo chicken wings is pretty close to the perfect dinner date. (Maybe not on the FIRST date, but a close second).

With endless flavors constantly coming out and exciting dipping sauces created by some master chef in the back (or maybe a friend who had the hippie lettuce and came up with some beautiful disaster one night) chicken wings will always be a first choice for me.

Thanks for listening, again, my name is Megan, and I am an addict—a chicken wing addict.

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