I can see why people are put off by this dish.

Every state has a food/dish they are known for. Idaho for potatoes, Hawaii for Spam, and Kentucky for fried chicken. What about Montana, though? Well Spoon University says that the food that Montana is known for is...Rocky Mountain Oysters.

That's right, bull testicles, fried up. That is what Montana is known for and it's considered a delicacy or a light snack. Many people at my work are disgusted by this, but personally I love them. I don't usually put any sauce on them at all. I just keep them fried and I love the crunch. Some people put ranch on them. My buddy Joe loved putting Frank's Red Hot Sauce on them. Everyone has their own way of eating them.

The thing is Rocky Mountain Oysters are a big deal in Montana. I mean, we hold a Montana Testicle Festival every year in Clinton, Montana. I have never been, but I heard it's crazy. There is music, food (pretty much nothing but Rocky Mountain Oysters), beer and people just go crazy and party.

Hereford Bull

I haven't had any here in Bozeman, because I don't seem to recall anywhere that even has them. I did hear Stacey's Bar and Steakhouse have them, so I might need to make a trip out there. I think everyone should just try Rocky Mountain Oysters, even if it's one time.

I like them better than sushi. Am I crazy?

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