I'm not sure if it's the change in season, the reduced daylight hours, or if people are just SO bored, they are breaking the law, but there are a few different people that Montana authorities are searching for right now. If you have seen any of these criminals, please contact your local law enforcement.


This guy was driving recklessly, reaching speeds around 130-165 miles per hour. Due to concern for public safety, the police did not attempt to pursue the driver. The driver had been reported for passing unlawfully and tailgating, which we all know can result in an accident. If you know who this driver is, you are asked to contact Ravalli County 911 Center at 406-363-3033.


Montana Department Of Corrections
Montana Department Of Corrections

Lone Elk apparently ran from authorities on October 12th and has numerous "AKAs" she could be using. The following are her "also-known-as" names: Trina Lone Elk, Trina Wilson, Christina LoneElk, Christina Marie McAdam, and Christina Montes Efigenio.

Lone Elk has previous and current charges of burglary, possession of dangerous drugs, and fleeing. If you see or know the whereabouts of Lone Elk, you are asked to contact law enforcement.

If you would like to see a full list of WANTED FUGITIVES in Montana, you can head over to the Montana Department of Corrections.

Again, if you see anyone on the list of most wanted or know the two above, do not approach them for your own safety and contact your local law enforcement. Make sure to take down as many details as possible, like what the suspect is wearing or what vehicle they're driving and the location you saw them.

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