If you're familiar with Google Maps, you most likely know about the Street View function. Every few years, the Google Maps car drives around and captures photos to make sure everything stays updated.

Google - Street View Car
Google Maps

The Google Maps car was in Bozeman last August and captured new pictures of the Bozeman area. If you want to see how much Bozeman has changed in the past 10 years, you can actually see those changes on Street View.

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Bozeman has changed a lot in recent years. There are new hotels and other businesses that seem like they've popped up overnight.

How Does Google "Street View" Work?

Here's a description according to the Google Maps website;

We drive and trek around the world to bring you imagery that enhances your experience and helps you discover the world around you.

When the Google Maps car is driving around, sometimes it captures pictures of people doing some very interesting things. Google makes sure to blur out the faces of people that are captured in the pictures. Sometimes, people are aware that it's the Google Maps car and do silly things in hopes of being photographed.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The updated pictures of Bozeman taken in August of 2022 may be the last for a while. The Google Street View website doesn't have any location in Montana listed on its upcoming schedule.

If you live in the Bozeman area, there's a good chance that a picture of your smiling face was captured, and you could be on Google Maps for the entire world to see.

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