For the dedicated deal-seekers and those who don't have close friends and family to spend Thanksgiving with, taking advantage of early Black Friday shopping sounds like a great idea. Okay, there's also the ones who want to skip out on game night with their weird aunt. At least 15 stores will be opening on Thanksgiving night. Here's the list we have so far:

  1. Walmart - opens at 6pm.
  2. Kmart - opens at 6am. Yes, AM.
  3. Sears - opens at 6pm.
  4. Macy's - opens at 6pm.
  5. Target - opens at 6pm.
  6. JC Penney - opens at 6pm.
  7. Kohls - opens at 6pm.
  8. Best Buy - opens at 5pm.
  9. Staples - opens at 6pm.
  10. Sports Authority - opens at 6pm.
  11. Toys R Us - opens at 5pm.
  12. Big Lots - opens at 7am.
  13. Radio Shack - open 8am - 12noon and then again starting at 5pm.
  14. (and 15.) Office Max/Office Depot - open 6pm - 9pm.

Thanks to Huffington Post for keeping us on track and well-planned for the shopping season!

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