Make sure you aren't the reason for starting a fire.

Credit:Miguel Sotomayor/Getty Images

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office has posted a notice from the National Weather Service that Gallatin County has been issued a Red Flag Warning. This will be in effect today from noon to 9 pm.

August is usually a high alert time for fires in the Gallatin County and the Sheriff's Department urges folks to be extremely careful with fires until we get substantial rain or snow. They have also issued a few tips to make sure you aren't the cause for a potential fire:

  • Check your tow chains to make sure they don't drag. If they do they can spark and start fires.
  • Don't drive in tall grass where your hot exhaust can catch the grass on fire.
  • Avoid open burning or bonfires.
  • Finally, if you do see a fire call 911 even if you think you can put it out yourself.

For more details, check out the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office Facebook.

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