Every Thursday and Friday (3/22-4/20) 3pm-5pm, Chadwick will be taking auditions for the Fox 28 Idol Giveaway.  Sing any song you want.  Finalists will perform April 28th at the Gallatin Valley Mall.

Here are the rules.

RULES FOR FOX 28 Idol Giveaway


1         ELIGIBILITY - The winner must be 8 years old or older. Any winning contestant under the legal age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the trip to see the season finale taping of American Idol.


Employees of Max Media, Townsquare Media, Gallatin Valley Mall, or any other radio stations, television stations, advertising agencies, or sponsoring vendors, and their families may not participate and are not eligible to win. 96.7 KISS FM and 100.7 XL Country FM assume no liability for the proper functioning of phone lines to handle all incoming calls.  In the event that two telephone lines are tied together during a phone-in contest, the entire phone call will be disqualified and another phone call will be taken. 96.7 KISS FM and 100.7 XL Country FM will not award duplicate prizes to both parties in a "tied-together" situation. An example of a tied-together call may be two telephone calls originating from the same location or residence, or a party line.  In case of a dispute over telephone lines or access, the decision of Townsquare Media management is final.  Calling our prize line grants Townsquare Media permission to put your voice on the air and an unrestricted open license to record and reproduce your voice and likeness without additional notice or compensation.  The official contest rules are available for review at the Townsquare Media offices, 125 West Mendenhall, during regular weekday business hours and at gapwest.com. 96.7 KISS FM and 100.7 XL Country FM reserve the right to modify contest rules without notice.


2         QUALIFY BY - The Montana Idol contest runs from March 22nd thru April 20th.  Qualify for the event by watching American Idol on FOX 18/28, then tuning into 96.7 KISS FM during Chadwick’s show and 100.7 XL Country FM during Colleen’s show.  Listening for your chance to call in and sing on the air a portion of your favorite song from the night before on American Idol or one of your favorite songs. 96.7 KISS FM and 100.7 XL Country FM will qualify a total of 20 contestants for the live event to be held on April 28th 2011.  Contestants for the FOX 28 Idol Giveaway event must be qualified by the Townsquare Media call in portion of the contest.


3         Winner of the April 28th event will be decided based on crowd response to voice talent, personality and entertainment value.


4         Winners are responsible for all taxes incurred.


5         Max Media reserves the right to alter, change, or cancel the promotion or prizes at any time. Any and all disputes shall be determined by Max Media’s management and the laws of the state of Montana.


6         No purchase necessary.


7         In the event production of American Idol is cancelled or postponed, the ticket portion of the prizing may be cancelled without substitution or compensation therefore.


8         FOX 28 Idol Giveaway releases Fox Broadcasting Company, News America, Inc., Fox Interactive Media, FremantleMedia North America, Inc., American Idol Productions, Inc., 19 TV Limited, 19 Merchandising Ltd., CKX, Inc. their parent, subsidiary, affiliated and related entities, and the officers, directors, employees, licensees and assignees of each.