You might want to be a little extra careful when shooting off your fireworks this year in the Gallatin Valley.

Fourth of July is upon us and that means BBQs, drinks, beautiful weather, and fireworks of course. The thing is we might have to be wary of possible changes to firework laws and guidelines in 2021 due to a few factors.

The reason I bring this up is that we have three pretty prominent forest fires happening in Montana and a few of them are decently close to the Gallatin Valley. That means there might be some changes to the current rules on what kind of fireworks when you can use fireworks, and what areas.

We haven't heard anything yet from the City of Bozeman and firework stands will definitely be opening up soon to sell all the fun stuff that makes people smile and cheer with joy during the Fourth of July but we will need to make sure we are following all of the rules when firing off fireworks.

For instance please don't light off fireworks near fields or wooded areas because that will increase the chances of something catching fire. Also, don't light fireworks off near or at cars because one, many folks don't like ash on their cars, and two, nobody wants fireworks marks on their car.

If you need more details on the rules and guidelines for fireworks in the City of Bozeman, the video above is pretty hand for everything.

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