It seems like the saga over the Montana ranch owned by music superstar and talk show host Kelly Clarkson and her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock has gone on for years now.

Just to recap or in case you're new to the case, the two decided to buy a ranch here in Montana and once the pandemic hit, stayed at the ranch to wait it out.  Like many other couples during the last couple of years of isolation, instead of waiting it out together, they decided that it was time to wait it out apart AND to go their separate ways.

So what about the property here in Montana?

Well, that's been a real sticking point. Clarkson wanted to sell the property, and Blackstock wanted to keep it. Here was the kicker, he couldn't afford to pay for it, nor could he afford to move according to him.  So, I mean what do you do in a situation like that?

Apparently, you spend almost a year in court going back and forth until you finally come to an agreement.

Photo by Michael Bourgault on Unsplash
Photo by Michael Bourgault on Unsplash

The good news is it looks like the long saga has to an end.  Clarkson has agreed to give Blackstock 5 percent of the ranch.  So what is that worth? Almost a million dollars. According to, the ranch is valued at over 17 million dollars which would make Blackstock's 5 percent worth just over 900 thousand.

Here is the question that I have.  Do you agree with the decision?  Call me old-fashioned and I realize that some of my thinking might not fly in the woke world of 2022, but as a man, shouldn't you be able to take care of yourself? I'm not judging anyone here, I'm just saying that personally, I wouldn't be comfortable living someplace I couldn't afford and waiting it out to see if my ex-wife was going to take care of the situation.

So I ask you, whose side are you on?  Team Kelly? Team Blackstock? Team I don't care.  Be sure to answer in the poll below.

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