You've at least driven right by it 100 times, as this RV campground is smack in the middle of Ennis, Montana. It's been for sale for just a few weeks according to but it's now listed as "Pending".

Camper Corner/The Madison Valley Campground is highly rated online (4.7 stars average, over 50 reviews). It's conveniently located on the 300 block of West Main in downtown Ennis so it's about as convenient a location as you can find if you want to be in the heart of town.

(We listed both names above because Google Maps and the website say Madison Valley Campground but the listings shows the park's sign as Camper Corner...)

The property is located right behind the Carquest, Deemo's Meat, the liquor store and the Ennis Sugar High building...(fondly known to us old-schoolers as the old DG building!!!! Am I right?)

I've always thought it was pretty cool RV park. It's a fenced property with tons of trees. Really, it's like it's own little community right in the middle of town.

(See the official listing for the property on here)

  • WHAT: Camper Corner/Madison Valley Campground
  • WHERE: 300 West Main Street, Ennis, MT
  • LISTING PRICE: $950,000 ("pending" as of September 14th, 2021)
  • REAL ESTATE: 23 unit RV site campground AND a 2,100 square foot single family home on the property. (FYI, the website for the actual property says "Madison Valley Campground has 18 RV sites" so we're unclear what the actual number is...
  • The campground is currently pet-friendly and has high speed internet access for it's guests.

Since it's public record and easy to find when a property is listed for sale, you can see that this particular property has been listed for sale a few different times in the last several years. This time, however, it seems that it may really be changing hands. (Hence the "Pending" status on

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