I found myself clipping coupons last night for groceries and packing lunches for myself and I started wondering how much money I was saving from when I was eating out for 3/4ths of all my meals.  I found this article on eating our very interesting.

If you feel guilty for going out to eat all the time, or think other people are judging you because they actually cook and stuff . . . it's time to see if you're normal.

--According to a new survey by Zagat, the average American eats out . . . 3.1 times a week.

--Mostly for financial reasons . . . it's almost always cheaper to buy groceries and cook, unless you're subsisting off of the McDonald's dollar menu and Little Caesars $5 pizzas. 15% of people say they're eating out less now than six months ago.

--The survey also found that 54% of people think it's RUDE and INAPPROPRIATE to text, tweet, email, or talk on a cell phone at a restaurant . . . but only 16% think it's rude to use your cell phone to take a PHOTO of your food.

--68% of people said they oppose the idea of putting a tax on high-sugar drinks, and 53% said they're against the government regulating the amount of SALT in meals.

--But only 9% were against laws requiring restaurants to post a letter grade that shows their most recent health inspection score. New York City and Los Angeles both have those laws.

--The survey also found that Las Vegas has the highest average meal price in the U.S., at $47.53. That's up $3 from last year. New York and Miami came in second and third. The national average is $35.44.

via Stupid News » The Complete Sheet » Wise Brother Media.