Just hold on, we're going ... to court?

When you use lines like "Last name 'Ever,' first name 'Greatest'" when describing yourself, you probably have a good, if not slightly over-inflated, sense of self worth. Such is the case with rapper Drake, who's being sued for it!

No, it's not a result of more bottle brawl drama, either. Drake is accused of getting too big to fulfill previous contractual obligations.

TMZ reports that Drizzy is being sued for reneging on two concerts he booked in 2012 -- before he got really huge. Drake agreed to perform both shows before he blew up. Once he got super famous, however, he tried to demand a "fame premium" fee for the shows, which didn't fly with bookers or promoters.

The shows, all in Chicago, were slated for March 2012 at a venue holding 8,500 people, which isn't a number to sneeze at. However, three months later, Drake performed at 28,000-seat venue nearby. You can do that math yourself!

Promoters say they invested at least $200,000 in Drake's performances that ended up never happening, and now they want him to pay up. A judge will have to determine whether or not he really owes them some er, Young Money.