Actor John Goodman, hosting 'SNL' for the 13th time of his career (Dec. 14), was joined by cast member Kenan Thompson for his musically-driven opening monologue. The opening monologues this season have been incredibly music-heavy, but they don't disappoint.

Goodman looked quite Christmas-ready in his blazer and tie. He spoke about how busy he has been with work for the past few years, which is why he took the time to dedicate a holiday-themed jingle to his lovely wife, who he misses since he is never home because he is always working on films and such.

How sweet, right?

Sure, until you get a load of the lyrical content. It's quite, uh, amorous.

Thompson joined Goodman for a song called 'All I Want for Christmas Is Booty.' It was a duet that was awkward and funny. We're sure their significant others lurved it.

We don't need to explain much else, since it's, well, self-explanatory. Giggle, giggle, giggle at Thompson and Goodman making their "O" faces during the song!