Literally, one of the only things I am looking forward in 2020 is a great winter season of shredding fresh powder at any ski resort that's within reasonable driving distance.

Do you actually know how many ski resorts Montana actually has? Thanks to Unofficial Networks they actually made a map of American with how many ski resorts each state has and Montana has a whopping 15 ski resorts to check out.

Credit: Big Sky Resort via Facebook
Credit: Big Sky Resort via Facebook

We used to have fourteen but Teton Pass reopened so that put our whole total to fifteen. The ones that are directly in near our area is obviously Bridger Bowl and Big Sky Resort but we have quite a few that are in close proximity to Bozeman and might be worth checking out on a day trip.

Within a two hour drive of Bozeman there is Discovery Ski Area in Anaconda, Showdown Mountain just outside of White Sulphur Springs and Great Divide just outside of Helena. These are all quality ski areas that won't be packed to the gills with tourists and get really great snow as well.

Then if you are looking to go on a mini vacation in Montana to try some new mountains definitely look at Whitefish Mountain Resort(or more commonly known to locals as Big Mountain) in Whitefish, Montana Snowbowl just outside of Missoula or even Red Lodge to try some new areas to ski.

Listen, there will be restrictions on most all of these mountain but they will be incredible to check out and if you love the snow and shredding the mountains, then make a fun trip out of it.

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