File this under 'Uh, WHAT?!' Diddy is reportedly dating everyone's dream girl and Sports Illustrated model, Kate Upton.

If the Daily News' anonymous eyewitness is to be believed, the two made no bones about making out like a couple of teenagers in the VIP section at club LIV in Miami in late March saying, "They were kissing, they weren’t hiding it." But wait, there's more. Diddy, 43, and Upton, 20, also had a romantic dinner together at Gemma in New York City.

So why is this so shocking? Upton just called it quits with Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander about a month ago and as far as everyone in the world was concerned, Diddy was still hot and heavy with singer Cassie. If you take a look at Diddy's Twitter timeline, he is still voraciously promoting Cassie's new album 'RockaByeBaby.' The couple was also snapped spending time together in February at Universal in Los Angeles. Cassie was also retweeting Diddy as recently as April 2 on her Twitter account. Perhaps things just cooled off between the two? With a new album coming out, Cassie might not have time for old Sean Combs!

Or rather, now that Diddy is in his 40s, he's taken to dating two 20-year-olds instead of one woman his age. Could be!

UPDATE: Both Diddy and Kate Upton deny that there's any romance between them. Check out their tweets!

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