Diddy being an average (at best) rapper is no secret to hip-hop heads, but he's definitely an expert trash talker. Just look at 2012's 'Same Damn Time' remix and the intro to Rick Ross' 'Nobody' off 'Mastermind.' Diddy brings his braggadocio prowess on 'Big Homie' with some muscle from Ross.

The Bad Boy founder lays out some truths on top of a barrage of hi-hats and pulsating drums. These truths include Diddy calling all the shots (hence the song's title), that he's very popular and he's respected enough to wear expensive jewelry and not get robbed. "You," on the other hand, don't hold as much prestige: "You show up with your jewelry on and leave without it."

Don't expect Ross to play Diddy's straight man, either. While Diddy just stunts, the MMG leader puts in the dirty work in order to accrue wealth. Specifically, it's drug trafficking. "I make my bitches traffic dope, that's my profession / She swallow dope and looking pregnant, time for c-section," he informs us, although you know it's not true because it'd be ridiculous for someone to snitch on themselves like that.

'Big Homie' will be included on Diddy's upcoming solo effort 'MMM,' which is expected to drop sometime in 2014.

Listen to Diddy's 'Big Homie' Feat. Rick Ross

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