Comic book movies are some of the biggest films on the planet and have so many characters with cool backstories that sometimes you might miss some cool details if you don't do any research. So I recently watched Spider Man:Homecoming recently and I decided to do some Wikipedia on some of the side characters to see if they might come up in the sequel. Well to my surprise there was a character that actually is referred in the comics as Montana and is from Bozeman, Montana.

Logan Marshall Green(Prometheus) plays Jackson Brice/Shocker in Spider Man Homecoming and has a few memorable scenes but it's cool to read about his character's history. According to Wikipedia, he first appeared in a Spider Man comic in 1964 so he has been around for a while. Also, he has been a foe for Spider Man in many cases due to his amazing lasso skills.

I think that's awesome personally. Usually characters in comics are from big cities or foreign countries but to have one that has been around since the 1960's and is from Bozeman, Montana that's a pretty cool detail to know. If you want to know more details, check out Marvel character Montana's Wikipedia.

Mario Tama/Getty Images