This man single-handedly shaped ski films for future generations and was a big fan of the Big Sky State for mainly one great reason, and we can't blame him.

Back in 2018, we lost the godfather of ski films Warren Miller. This man has made over 50 ski films. Warren Miller pioneered ski films by shooting scenes in hard-to-reach locations and showcasing what skiing is like not only across the world but right here in Montana.

Warren Miller had a home in the Yellowstone Club near Big Sky, Montana, and even had a residence hear Kalispell, Montana, and wrote for the Flathead Beacon. The reason why he loved being in Montana so much was because of one word,


Warren Miller talked about the freedom in Montana to catch a trout, ride a horse, summit a mountain, or hang out with a loved one and watch a sunset, you could do that essentially anywhere in Montana. You could turn in any direction and have so many options of opportunity.

Warren Miller served in World War 2, made some of the most influential ski films/documentaries ever, and loved living in Montana when he was here. You got to love that this man lived life to the fullest and chose to enjoy that life in Montana for the majority of his life.

If you have never seen any of his ski films, you are missing out on some of the best scenes ever to be shot on a mountain. Warren Miller was a man that is still dearly missed by many folks here in Montana.

Maybe we can all live like Warren Miller and just enjoy the freedom of Montana.

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