The five-time Super Bowl winner, four-time Super Bowl MVP is human after all. Tom Brady is human...when it comes to skiing.

Credit:Boston Globe/Getty Images

Tom Brady who is possibly one of the biggest football players of all time and coming off an amazing Super Bowl win is spending some time vacationing skiing. Tom posted a video of himself crashing on the slopes. Check out the video.

Credit:Tom Brady/Facebook

One of my favorite parts is that includes a reference to South Park. That's hilarious.

And we believe that this happened up at Big Sky. There are clues: Tom has a house in Big Sky, he is wearing the same jacket that he wore last year up on Big Sky that he posted on his Facebook, our resident skier Jesse says that is Big Sky, and one of our sister stations in Missoula KYSS posted a story about how Tom and his family are spending some time up at Big Sky and that was 10 days ago.

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