This area of Montana is known as pure luxury but is about to have something unique.

Montana has been looking and feeling a little fancy lately.

Usually, luxury shops, hotels, and houses in Montana can only be found in a few spots, but these places are now everywhere in Big Sky Country.

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The original place where luxury meets Montana is Big Sky.

Big Sky Resort via Facebook
Big Sky Resort via Facebook

Big Sky is home to one of the largest skiing areas in the world, the infamous Yellowstone Club, and many high-profile individuals. Big Sky is where locals and high society rub elbows while shredding snow.

Big Sky has been elevating its area over the past decade with exciting new shops, restaurants, and hotels. A few years ago, the first five-star hotel opened in Big Sky called Montage.

The Montage is where the wealthy stay for a weekend, and the amenities there will blow your mind.

There is a new player in Big Sky, and it's the first of its kind in America.

Forbes announced One&Only Moonlight Basin luxury resort is coming in 2025.

This development will be this company's first resort in the United States.

The resort will have guest rooms, villas, six restaurants, and 62 private homes for sale. Does that seem like a lot? Don't worry. There will also be a private gondola and ski lodge for guests and residents of the resort.

We don't know the pricing of the rooms or homes, but we can only imagine that you will need deep pockets for this spot in Big Sky.

One&Only Moonlight Basin will be open in 2025, so we will hear more details soon.

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