Might want to try some alternate routes if you are heading to the park.

Yellowstone National Park announced that visitors that are trying to get to Old Faithful Geyser will have to expect delays and detours.

Chris Boswell/Getty Images

The reason for the delays and detours is due to the current condition of Old Faithful Overpass Bridge.

To keep visitors safe they have shut down the bridge until further notice and the Old Faithful Overpass Bridge is being evaluated.

Traffic is currently be rerouted around the bridge and will have no effect if you are trying to visit the Old Faithful Geyser and the Upper Geyser Basin. Plus, you will still be able to get to the lodges, stores, the clinic and gas station.

Yellowstone National Park recommends if you aren't traveling directly to Old Faithful to consider alternate routes to your destination.

This is great initiative for Yellowstone National Park to close down the bridge to make sure it's still safe for the huge influx of visitors the park has seen the past six weeks. Yellowstone wants to make sure not only everyone enjoys the first and oldest national park but it's also safe to travel around.

Yellowstone National Park has several big road construction projects currently underway and have a few more planned in the next few years and from the sound of this, the Old Faithful Overpass Bridge will need to be added to the list of projects.

If you would like to know more updates on this road construction or any other projects going on in Yellowstone National Park click here.

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