If you thought Shawn Mendes' fans were exclusively screeching teenage girls, we've got news for you: THEY'RE ALSO THOSE SCREECHING TEENAGE GIRLS' SHRIEKING DADS!!!

Mendes, whose third album Shawn Mendes: The Album dropped earlier this year, is gearing up for Shawn Mendes: The Tour in 2019. In the meantime, though, he's playing summer festivals, and at a recent stop at Milwaukee's Summerfest, a brave reporter asked resident chaperone dads to deliver their best fangirl screams.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dads did not disappoint.

In the clip above, youth baseball coach dads, gone-fishing dads and dads who forgot to apply sunscreen, alike, deliver the types of yells that could wake the dead. There are screeches, more subdued woos and even big, tugboat bellows.

And the best is definitely saved for last.

"You're one person," he said. "You can't let them take everything from you. Because they will — not in a malicious way. They just love you. You have to be careful."

Be careful of dads who scream for Shawn Mendes.

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