Life can sometimes just be too much, and you need to get away and have some time alone and enjoy the silence. The best part is that there are many places here in Montana that can offer you peace of mind and just relax. 

Love Exploring put out a list of Every State's Best Airbnb Under $150, and Montana's is the perfect version of a Big Sky experience. The Airbnb is called the Rustic Backcountry Log Cabin and is located right in Darby, Montana. This cabin has everything, mountain views, sits on ten acres, and is close to many outdoor amenities. 

This log cabin is an absolute gem to look at and is a perfect place to put all electronics away and just enjoy what you have around you. Looking at the details of what you get if you book this beautiful log cabin is pretty spectacular. It's pet-friendly, so your furry friends can run around and enjoy themselves, and one huge thing is that this log cabin has no WiFi, so you can disengage from the internet and explore. 

If you are wondering how much a night this log cabin is, well you're in luck. This Montanan getaway is around $85 a night, and that's an absolute steal for a picturesque Montana setting. 

Listen, over the past couple of years with COVID-19 locking down communities, people stressing out over finances, and people just needing a break from the world, maybe a nice weekend getaway to disconnect and take a breath in a beautiful Airbnb is what you should consider. 

For more details, check out Love Exploring

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