It seems like whenever daylight saving time rolls around we always see the stories where petitions are being signed by people looking to do away with the twice-yearly time change - and states consider bills to do the same. It also feels like when things are talked about for a long enough amount of time they tend to pick up steam and find a way to become reality. I've always figured it would just be a matter of time before the dominoes started to fall and every state does away with changing the clocks.

This feels like it's the closest we've been to actually seeing a change take place. A bill has been moving through Montana legislature that says we would move to a year-round daylight saving time if at least four other Western states decided to do so - and if the U.S. Department of Transportation or Congress approves. It's like when your growing up and your parents say "if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" In this case the answer would be yes - we want to be cool like our other friends and not have to change our clocks - but we want them to do it first and we'll jump as soon as they do!

It's possible that the bill could clear one more vote by today (4/16) and would then make its way to the governor. After's your move neighbor states!

What do you think? No more messing up your sleep cycle. No more forgetting to change that one random clock. No more reading stories about how more heart attacks and car accidents happen the day after the time change. I say we give it a go and see how we like it. We can always start an online petition to bring back daylight saving time if we realize we were wrong.

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