In the alternate universe where politics is good and the books spell it “Berenstein” instead of “Berenstain,” a George Miller-directed Justice League movie exists and is beloved by all. Miller had plans to direct the superhero team-up about a decade ago and had a cast all lined up — which included Common as Green Lantern’s fellow Lantern John Stewart and Armie Hammer as Batman — but then the writers’ strike happened and Miller turned his sights to resurrecting Mad Max instead. Now that a Green Lantern Corps movie is happening and Warner Bros. is casting around for its two emerald-clad leads, Common just wants everyone to know that he’d still be down if anyone asked.

While talking to IGN about John Wick: Chapter 2, Common was grilled about whether he’d been contacted to play Hal Jordan’s pal John at long last.

No, I haven’t spoken to DC. John Stewart, the character, is amazing. When I had the opportunity of potentially being John Stewart, when we were working, I learned how he was part of the Green Lantern Corps and all that he was doing. He was kind of community-driven so I felt like, ‘Oh, man, I love this character,’ he used his mind to do a lot of things so I connected with him. I just love the character, but I don’t know, I haven’t talked to DC about it but, you know, hey! Yeah, I would love [to]. That would be an honor to play John Stewart.

Last we heard about it, Green Lantern Corps was still casting around for Hal and John. The Hal Jordan shortlist was even announced about a week ago, and there are a bunch of potential contenders for John Stewart’s role who are equally enthusiastic about it, so any way this goes, the cast has the potential to be really fantastic.

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