If you do not like spiders, they give you the creeps, basically, if they make you want to jump out of your shoes and run screaming...be prepared, here are a few of the most common spiders in Bozeman.

I recently received a video message from my son, while I was at work, of what I consider the biggest spider in the entire world. Obviously, it isn't, but for my son and me, we are convinced we are going to lose all sanity after spotting this treasure. I decided to do a little research to figure out if our lives were about to be over if this pest decides it wants to stay.

BLACK WIDOW: This is only one of two poisonous spiders found in Montana. Typically it will be of no bother UNLESS it's a mother protecting its eggs. She gets her name from conveniently eating the male after they mate, seems legit...NOT.

Photo by Veronica Lorine on Unsplash

Aggressive House Spider: Also known as the "hobo" spider, this fast long-legged demon is the other poisonous spider found in Montana. Typically you will see these on main floor apartments or ground-level housing. This fella will only bite if it feels threatened. Ummm...I FEEL THREATENED.


The Wolf Spider: These brown or black, furry, medium to large devils have long legs and excellent eyesight. They like to make your home their home in the fall or autumn. These are among the largest spiders found in Montana and can be aggressive...oh great.

The Washingtonpost.com

As you can see, these are just a few of the most common spiders found in Montana. I don't think I need to be concerned as long as I am quick enough to squish them before they feel threatened. If I wasn't so creeped out by these little demons, I would kindly put them back outside. Unfortunately, they do not pay rent so they will not be staying in the house.

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