Coca-Cola is an iconic brand when it comes to beverages. That name has been around for generations and produces other great products like Diet Coke, Sprite and many others. Now, the soda giant is breaking into a new market, alcoholic beverages.

According to MSN, Coca-Cola will be releasing a alcoholic beverage made up of sparkling water and flavors and shochu (a Japanese spirit).

This new drink seems to be in line with the recent popular alcoholic drink White Claw.

One reason why the company is initially releasing the new drink only in Japan is because it's a fast paced, constantly changing market that can offer immediate feedback. If the launch goes well the United States may then be in line to see it on shelves and in bars.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Not many people remember this, but Starbucks for a very short period of time used to sell hard alcohol creme, like a Bailey's or Kahlua. They shut down that production a few years ago despite the fact that it was well received by a large section of their consumer base.

It remains to be seen if Coca-Cola can successfully break into the alcohol game, but maybe at some point this drink will be available near you. For more details, check out MSN.