Bozeman has been growing steadily for years, and parts of the city that have seen massive growth need some love.

The part of Bozeman that has seen constant growth is the west side of the city. From 19th Street to Four Corners, houses, duplexes, and condos are being built and immediately occupied. With the immense growth, the City of Bozeman announced huge plans for this area.

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KBZK reports that the City of Bozeman is looking into concepts for a project to build some public facilities in the west end of the city. The city wants to construct a new library, recreation center, and aquatic center.

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We talked about whether Bozeman should build a new aquatic center for locals to use year-round. The Bozeman Swim Center went under renovation last year, and people were clamoring for a pool during the winter and summer. 

Adding a new recreation center and the library is a good use of resources for the high number of families that have been moving into the west end of Bozeman. Plans are that the project will go on the 2023 ballot for Bozeman residents to decide. 

Photo by Inaki Del Olmo via Unsplash
Photo by Inaki Del Olmo via Unsplash

As much as I love this idea, I feel that the City of Bozeman needs to have solid plans on other issues that people have been clamoring for years. One question I have for the City of Bozeman is who will work at these facilities when they are finished. 

Affordable housing is still a crucial problem, and the people working in these places will have to find a way to afford to live in Bozeman. Maybe the city will unveil some plans to help with this problem soon. 

For more details, check out KBZK

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