Bozeman relies on snowpack for its water supply, with 80% coming from snowmelt in the Gallatin Range, which feeds Bozeman Creek and Hyalite Creek. The other 20% comes from a developed spring at the headwaters of Lyman Creek in the Bridger Range.

• Bozeman enjoys extremely high-quality water, but quantity is limited! With only 16 inches of average annual precipitation, Bozeman is considered semi-arid and drought-prone.

• Bozeman is growing which means more people are needing more water. Our water supplies eventually will not be enough. Without water conservation, Bozeman could be facing a water shortage within the next 15 years.  We can’t make more water, but we can be smarter about how we use our water.

bozeman drought tips

• It’s summer and that means watering our lawns and gardens. Do your part to conserve by getting a FREE sprinkler system assessment from the City of Bozeman. Their trained staff will check your sprinkler system and develop a customized report, including system repair needs, how to improve system efficiency, and customized watering schedules.  OR rent a DIY Sprinkler System Assessment Kit. Call 406.582.3220 or visit (Must be a City of Bozeman water customer).

• Want information on lawn watering tips to a full landscape makeover? Check out the Water Smart Planting Guide for the Bozeman Area online at or pick up a copy at City offices.

• Doing one thing makes a difference when it comes to water conservation. Find out how you can save water (and money) through City of Bozeman rebates and tips as well.

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