I know a few places in Montana that are haunted, but I had no idea that these placesmight be haunted.

Credit:London Steroscopic Company?Getty IMages

According to Hauntedplaces.org (seems legit), there are several places around Bozeman that are possibly haunted. From what I looked up, the best places that could be haunted are Montana State University(where a teacher haunts the theater), Bear Canyon Campground (a little girl who tries to get female campground visitors to follow her), and The Chambers Fisher Building in downtown (where the basement might contain a glaring old man who appears behind people).

I mean, I am all for the paranormal. There are so many crazy stories out there and some of them can be very believable. Plus, there is a Bozeman Paranormal Facebook Group. Did you know that?

May 3 is National Paranormal Day, so have some fun and be on the lookout for some ghosts.

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