Camila Cabello had a pretty incredible year, from Fifth Harmony dropping their highest charting album, 7/27, in May, to her official departure from the group to pursue solo pop stardom at the end of 2016. But if she could get just one wish for her 20th birthday this yeah (Friday, March 3), she wouldn't mind more prominent cleavage.

The pop star revealed her birthday wish on Twitter on Monday when she playfully tweeted, "For my 20th birthday I just want my boobs to be a LITTLE bigger. Just a little."

Naturally, Twitter lit up with responses from fans who felt Cabello looks perfect just the way she is, as well as from users who simply wanted to seize the opportunity to make some jokes.

However, Cabello's followers were not happy when singer Charlie Puth suddenly chimed in, tweeting at her with a mouth-less, blank stare emoji... and they made him aware of their dissatisfaction in droves:

Camila Cabello Through the Years:

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