This is a pretty interesting idea from the fast food giant and we will see if it works.

Food & Wine is reporting that fast food chain Burger King is looking into testing possible not only reusable cups but containers as well. This is a pretty wild idea and could make Burger King one of the first major companies to have this available.

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The point is to have containers that can be cleaned and refilled with food and a cup that can be used for hot and cold beverages. This is one of their attempts to slowly reduce their disposable packaging and help out the environment.

By the way this isn't something that would be just rolled out to the big cities. This would be available for all Burger King locations including the ones here in Bozeman and Belgrade. There are many folks here in the Gallatin Valley that are very thoughtful about conservation and using reusable bags even at the grocery store.

So the idea of a fast food giant like Burger King making moves like this towards reusable products make other fast food chains such as McDonald's, Wendy's and even Taco Bell do the same if it's immensely popular. That would be a huge game changer especially big companies moving towards helping out the environment and reducing waste.

Don't' get your hopes up yet though. They are planning on rolling out these products sometime in 2021 and we probably won't see them here in Bozeman or Belgrade till late in the year but when we get them I will be very interested to see it.

For more details, check out Food & Wine.

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