Actor Bryan Cranston, known for playing Walter White on the hit AMC show 'Breaking Bad,' decided to dress up for this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con and walk the floor in a terrifying Walter White mask. Unbeknownst to everyone.

What we're saying to attendees is that creepy Walter White you posed with? Was actually Walter White.

During the 'Breaking Bad' panel held on Sunday, Cranston let the convention in on the joke and pulled off his Walter White mask, revealing that he had been conversing with fans while speaking "in a higher register" and no one was the wiser.

We're guessing people who didn't know are now either kicking themselves in anger or screaming in excitement.

By the way, 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith also pulled a similar (but not as impressive) stunt, strolled around in a weird Bart Simpson mask while using an American accent and trying to chat people up about 'DW.'

Kevin Winter, Getty Images