They need to decide on this issue quickly because school starts in just a few weeks and students need to be prepared.

KBZK is reporting Bozeman school officials will be deciding in the next few weeks on whether students will be wearing masks when they return to schools this fall.

Bozeman school officials have put together a task force and are looking at the Center for Disease Control's guidelines before they make their final decisions and no matter what decision they make, folks will have opinions about the issue.

Last school year, students wore a mask when attending school in person, and went pretty smoothly. The big issue this year is kids returning to school full-time in person and how will that affect the decision.

There has been a surge of COVID-19 cases in America due to the Delta variant and from the looks of this issue, Bozeman school officials want to make sure they cover all of their bases.

Bozeman school officials could make a decision as early as Monday, August 16th but will make the choice at the latest by Monday, August 23rd. I would be surprised if they didn't host a town hall to get public input and see how parents react to the possible decision.

I am all for protecting students and wearing a mask isn't that big of a deal, even if it's for a short time period this fall.

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For more details, check out KBZK.

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