With folks around the country still trying to process the horrific tragedy that took place in Texas earlier this week, it only makes sense that folks would be on high alert across the nation.

On Wednesday, rumors were flying on social media and around town about a possible lockdown that was taking place in Bozeman schools.  While there was never a "lockdown", two of Bozeman's Elementry schools went into what is referred to as "Secure-In-Place".

So, what is secure-in-place?

According to a press release from Superintendent Casey Bertram, secure-in-place can happen when there is police activity near a school.  So what happened yesterday? The secure-in-place protocols went into place at Whittier and Hawthorne Elementary schools.

The press release from the Superintendents office went on to say:

"out of an abundance of caution after conferring with the Bozeman Police Department due to a report of a suspect who brandished a weapon north of Whittier. It is important to note that the threat was not directed at a school or at children."


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The secure-in-place order was in effect all day at both Whittier and Hawthorne and the school district was in constant communication with the Bozeman Police Department.

That wasn't the only possible issue that took place in the school district yesterday.  There was also a brief concern that took place at Bozeman High in the late morning and classrooms were also put on secure-in-place for a short time while police investigated a report from a community member, although the order was lifted after police found there was nothing to be concerned about regarding the report.

Superintendent Bertram reminds Bozemanites that we should all report suspicious activities in the press release. To see the full press release, click here.

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