What makes a city cool or overrated? Food options, parks, nightlife, housing? There are many factors to be considered. 

Thrillist came out with a list of the Coolest Small Cities in the U.S. To Live In and one Montana city landed on the list. Montana has many intriguing small towns and cities with lots of character, but some folks might disagree with this choice from Thrillist. 

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Thrillist has designated Bozeman, Montana, as one of the Coolest Small Cities in The U.S., and we have to simply disagree. Bozeman is a fun town for tourists, but living here can be an absolute nightmare for some locals. Rent and housing prices are at stellar heights, causing folks to move away from this great city. 

Thrillist's opening line says, Bozeman has flown under the radar, which is a straight lie. Bozeman has been one of the fastest-growing cities in America for several years, and it's evident everywhere you drive. 


Bozeman can be a cool city sometimes, with its picturesque views and many outdoor recreation opportunities. Despite its values, our city has become a year-round tourist destination, and the city officials pander to those people. Locals have essentially become nonexistent, and it's tragic to see. 

Bozeman has lost its identity over the past several years. Downtown Bozeman used to be only locally owned small businesses. These businesses are now being pushed out by national chains.

If we were to pick a city or town in Montana to live in, there are a few picks that fit Thrillist's description. I would say Whitefish, Montana is a fun city. They have a great downtown, an underrated ski hill, and real estate that won't break the bank. 

Another incredibly cool city is Livingston, Montana. The downtown area hasn't changed in years, and it's a quintessential cowboy town. 

Would you consider Bozeman cool or overrated? 

For more details, check out Thrillist. 

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