If you are a diehard Bobcat fan, you might want to look away from this graph, unless you want to get angry. 

Every state has a college rivalry where one school might have an advantage over the other. From academics to athletics, people love an in-state rivalry they can get behind and be passionate about.

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The problem is that some rivalries aren't even a remotely close race—like a big brother picking on a much less competitive little brother.  We don't have the problem in Montana. Or do we?  

Barstool U, a part of the Barstool Sports company, put out a map of the United States showing the Little Brother Program, categorizing the top colleges of each state as a little brother or big brother to one another. I don't think Montana State fans are going to be happy about our ranking. 

Barstool U via Facebook
Barstool U via Facebook

Barstool U believes that Montana State is the little brother to the University of Montana, and that's dead wrong. Montana State University has been on the upswing in recent years in athletics, academics, new facilities, and attendance. 

Montana State has had a long winning streak in the Brawl of the Wild rivalry that was only just broken last year, and enrollments have been rising consistently. Sure, the University of Montana used to be the big brother to Montana State, but things have changed. 

The last time I checked, Montana State has reached deeper in the FCS playoffs in recent years than the Grizzlies, and we demand respect! 

Whoever put together this graph at Barstool U needs a reality check and to update their statistics. Montana State is on the rise, and the Bobcats deserve their recognition. 

If anything, this might help fuel the Bobcats for the upcoming season. Who else wants to watch the Bobcats dominate another year over the Griz? We do. 

For more details, check out Barstool U

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