The 4th of July is just around the corner, and lighting off fireworks has always been a part of the celebration.

Montana was recently voted the most patriotic state in America, and many that live here are eager to prove that as Montanans, we've rightfully earned that title. Fireworks on the 4th of July are as American as Nascar and apple pie.

Montana didn't get as much snow over the winter, and as a result, much of the state will experience dry, drought-like conditions this year. Having wildfires in the middle of June isn't normal in Montana.

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According to an article published Wednesday by NBC Montana, The City of Bozeman is asking residents to avoid lighting off fireworks this year all together due to above normal temperatures and drought-like conditions.

We all want to enjoy the holiday, and our traditions, but we certainly don’t want these celebrations to lead to the loss of life or property.

The City of Bozeman said.

The article was shared on the Bozeman Reddit page, and people aren't too happy about the City of Bozeman asking them to consider not using Fireworks to celebrate the 4th of July.

Here are a few of the responses.

clay_yalc wrote;

Yeah, that's not going to actually happen.

convivial_apocolypse wrote;

I've watched no less than half a dozen fireworks stands start to set up business today...Good luck with that.

ParkingSmell wrote;

Did we all just go through the same year together? I think now they're going to do fireworks even harder.

However, some residents were in support of the idea.

Phyxius_5904 wrote;

This is a very reasonable request. Usually, I’m against govt overreach but we will be forgoing fireworks this year. And for those that don’t, you do you…Until you start a fire… Then I hope they throw the book at ya.

To read the original story from NBC Montana, click here.

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